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Claims Against the Government

Dealing with the government is almost never easy, even under ideal circumstances. It is also a chore that becomes infinitely more difficult when you have been injured and are trying to file a claim against the government to recover compensation. The fact is that there are significant differences in liability between public and private entities, differences that must be understood and carefully researched on a case-by-case basis.

Local, county, and state liability in New Jersey is governed by a maze of unique rules. It is the New Jersey Tort Claims Act that defines the liabilities governmental entities have:

Notice of Tort Claim — You only have 90 days from the date of the accident/injury!!! Get to an attorney!!!

To file a claim against a state agency or local government entity, a Notice of Tort Claim must be served upon this entity/agency within 90 days of the cause of action, i.e. the date of the accident/incident that is the subject of any suit. If the claim is not filed within this 90 days, with few exceptions, IT IS BARRED BY LAW!!!

Hire an attorney that knows these laws and how to bring suit against the government!!!

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