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Spinal Injuries in New Jersey

Car accidents frequently cause neck, back, and serious spinal injuries because of the forceful impact of a collision being transferred through the vehicle to both drivers and passengers. In some cases, the injuries are obvious and will be quickly addressed by hospital doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologists. In other cases, neck and back injuries from an auto accident will not be readily apparent. A victim of a car accident may notice that his or her neck or back pain will be become worse, instead of better, after the first 48 hours.

While legal representation by a qualified car accident lawyer is important, the first priority is to receive a correct diagnosis of the specific area of the spine that is injured. Because most hospital radiologists are only concerned with a neck or back fracture, they frequently overlook the other effects of trauma. This is why we recommend a complete radiological examination by an orthopedic physician if you are told no fractures are present.

This physician will look for spinal abnormalities and identify specific levels of your spine that require rehabilitation to restore proper function and range of motion. From there, the physician will initiate both active and passive therapies to help reduce pain, internal swelling, and help you recover.

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